SÍ SE PUEDE - YES YOU CAN Dance & Fitness

We transform your body and mind through Zumba®, dance and fitness.

We are a community of fitness enthusiasts dedicated to improving health and wellness through dance and exercise. We offer a unique Zumba® experience in Manchester, NH that will get you moving to the beat while transforming your mind and body.

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We are a dance and fitness studio

If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to stay fit and healthy, then you’re in the right place. At SÍ SE PUEDE – YES YOU CAN Dance & Fitness, we are passionate about helping people reach their fitness and wellness goals. 

Our certified instructors will guide you through a dynamic workout that not only targets your muscles, but also, elevates your heart rate for optimal cardiovascular health. Come and discover why our lively community of dancers is the best choice for your fitness routine.

We offer a wide range of certified  classes to suit all ages and skill levels, from beginner to advanced. 

NO street shoes please in the studio.

Program & Classes

Our classes are geared for people of all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced. Whether you’re looking for an exciting workout or you have specific fitness goals in mind, our doors are open to guide and empower you. Join us today and unleash your potential.

NO street shoes please in the studio

Zumba® Fitness

Join the ZUMBA® frenzy and enjoy a fun and effective workout. Dance, burn calories, and reap multiple benefits for your body and mind.

CIRCL Mobility™

Unleash your potential and experience happiness and mobility with Zumba Circle Mobility™. Restore your range of motion and enhance your ability to move better and for longer. You'll feel renewed!

STRONG Nation®

Combines high intensity interval training with the science of Synced Music Motivation. The important thing is that he has done it. Let's do HIIT together!

ABS & Glutes

Discover the power of a toned abdomen and firm glutes with ABS Glutes! Sculpt and strengthen your body, gaining the confidence and strength you've always desired. Achieve your fitness goals, feel better than ever, and enjoy the exciting results.

Cardio Dance

Burn calories, increase your endurance, and achieve your goals while having the time of your life. Join CARDIO DANCE and discover the magic of movement to the rhythm of the music with HIIT routines!

Triple Threat

Transform your body with the revolutionary exercise program that combines cardio, toning, and flexibility to make you feel powerful and full of energy. Push yourself beyond limits and discover an incredible transformation.

Zumba® Toning

Challenges your limits and dance with weights doing Zumba® Toning, a fun and dynamic workout that sculpts your muscles and enhances your coordination.

Zumba® Step

Enjoy the excitement and tone your legs and glutes in an energy-filled party that combines the power of aerobic step with the fun movements of Zumba®.

Aqua Zumba®

Immerse yourself in an energetic aquatic dance party, with low impact and water resistance, tone your muscles and have fun while moving with Aqua Zumba®.

Zumba Sentao®

Say goodbye to boring weightlifting routines and sculpt your entire body by combining dance with strength and resistance exercises using a chair.

Zumba Gold®

Experience the joy of a simple-to-follow choreography that will keep you moving, enhancing your balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Zumba Gold® Toning

With Zumba® Gold-Toning! Stay active and in shape while enjoying the joyful dance party of Zumba® and toning your body with low-intensity strength exercises.

Zumba® Kids

Make your little ones happy and active with our fun Zumba® Kids classes. They will dance to the rhythm of their favorite songs, learn new steps, and enjoy games and cultural activities.

Zumba® Kids Jr.

Come to Zumba® Kids Jr. enjoy the fun and dancing with your friends, and Our classes are full of energy, games, and cultural activities that will make you smile.

About me

I'm Marianela Ramirez

I’m a certified Zumba® instructor with mad skills to teach people how to move and burn calories at the same time. Through my classes, I have helped countless people reach their health goals, lose some weight, and feel fabulous about themselves.

And the best part? My classes are a blast of energy and motivation to keep the good vibes going. For me, teaching Zumba® is a passion, a source of joy, and an opportunity to make each class feel like a celebration of life. Join me, and let’s dance our way to a happier, healthier you! 

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Zumba® Parties & Events

Zumba® at the Beach event

Let's move our hips, accelerate our hearts, and enjoy the sun while experiencing the joy of movement at the beach and have a day full of fun under the summer sun.

Zumba® Pre-Summer event

Join our outdoor Zumba® party and let's dance towards a healthier and happier life. Get moving and enjoy the rhythm as we celebrate the start of summer.

Zumba® Halloween class

Get ready for a terrifying night full of dance and fun. Come and join us to dance non-stop, enjoy spine-tingling emotions, and show off your best costumes.

Zumba® Holiday events

Burn those extra calories from turkey and cake. Dance to the rhythm of the best Christmas songs while having fun and improving your health.

Why us

Passion for health and well-being:

We are passionate about helping people improve their health and well-being through dance and fitness. We are committed to providing a motivating and encouraging environment that inspires our clients to take care of themselves.

Certified Instructors:

Our instructors are highly trained and certified.

Dynamic Training:

Our training is dynamic and full of energy.

Lively Community:

We create an animated and vibrant atmosphere in our community.

Proven Results:

Our results have been tested and demonstrated.

“Bebes, every time I step onto the stage, I feel how the contagious energy of my students transforms into a powerful force. Together, we create an environment full of passion, growth, and connection. Dance is my language, and my mission is to inspire others to discover their own power through movement. Join me and let yourself be carried away by the magic of dance in our Zumba classes”

Marianela Ramirez

Founder & Head of Dance Studio

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